Ask a Doctor For Free Online

Have a health question? You can ask one of our certified doctors online and get a detailed personalized answer for free.

How It Works

Get answers to your health questions by using our simple process. You type your question, submit it and get a detailed one-time answer completely free.

You only pay if you wish to have a real-time chat instead.

Direct answers from certified doctors online

Instead of searching the internet for answers to health questions, our doctors are available to give a detailed answer to help you understand any medical condition better.

Certified Doctors

We ensure each doctor is board certified in their state or country.

Available Everywhere

No matter where you are, we give you access to ask a doctor online

Privacy Guaranteed

You can ask your question anonymously.

Fast Responses

Our doctors are very responsive and you get connected to one quickly

Free Plan

You can ask a doctor and get a detailed response for free. You only pay for real-time chats and appointments

Agile Support

Our team will be happy to support you via live chat or fast emails if you need any help

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All our doctors are certified and licensed to practice in their respective states and countries. We have a strict vetting process to ensure you get access to accurate health information.

Absolutely. It is free to ask our doctors any health question, you should get a detailed personalized one-time answer in a short time (at most a few hours).

You only pay if you need an immediate reply or if you want to chat in real-time.

We respect your privacy, that’s why we don’t collect your personal details like your name or phone number. We only need your email address to send the doctor’s response to you, so, you are almost anonymous.

Our service is listed as for informational purposes only. Our doctors are to help you understand any health condition or answer any health questions. We don’t offer diagnosis, treatment or prescriptions. If you need these or have an emergency, please see a doctor near you or contact your city’s emergency service.

It depends on the option you choose. If you go with our free plan, you can get a response from a doctor within a few hours at most.

If you need an immediate reply or want to have a back and forth chat with one of our doctors, you can pay a one-time fee of any amount you wish to pay (just to say thank you to our doctors for their time).

Our support team is always happy to help. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us by sending an email to

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